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"Celebrating The Beauty & Heritage of Black Women & Men Across the World!"

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About Queen Nefertiti Productions, LLC

Queen Nefertiti Productions, LLC was founded in 2010 by the mother and daughter team of Vanessa King (President & Executive Director) and Cassandra Schmigotzki (Vice President & Co-Director).
Vanessa King has been involved in the area of pageantry and modeling for over 30 years, with experience as a pageant director, contestant, judge and as a former professional model.   She has held several pageant titles on the local, state, regional and national levels.  Vanessa is currently an Independent Distributor for It Works International.
Cassandra Schmigotzki first hit the stage at the early age of 4, attending modeling classes with her mother and then participating in a local pageant competition at the age of 5.  She decided to partner with her mother in 2010 in directing a tri-state pageant and is now staying on to assist with Ubuntu Pageants International, the "brain-child" of Vanessa.   
Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana and with an office also in Columbus, Ohio, Queen Nefertiti Productions, LLC began as a organization producing beauty pageants.  It has now began producing other events, including hair competitions, fashion shows, and fundraising events for itself and other organizations.
The name Queen Nefertiti Productions is very fitting to the organization as Queen Nefertiti was not only known for her elegant beauty, but she was the most influential woman in Egypt for over a decade as she reigned alongside her husband, King Akhenaten (Amenophis IV).  One of the goals of Queen Nefertiti Productions, LLC is teach every woman who participates in it's pageant competitions to become influential and recognize the beauty they each possess.
Queen Nefertiti Productions, LLC prides itself in creating fun and exciting events.  When you see an event produced by Queen Nefertiti Productions , you know it will be a quality event that your entire family will enjoy!

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